Editorial Policy

KHN is an editorially independent program of the Kaiser Family Foundation. All editorial decisions are made by KHN’s editors. Neither KHN nor the Kaiser Family Foundation is affiliated with the health insurance company Kaiser Permanente.

Original KHN Stories

KHN publishes in-depth features as well as shorter news articles on developments in the health care system and on national and local health care initiatives and issues.

Writers and editors produce comprehensive stories that explain the nuances of health care policy while also explaining how that policy relates to consumers’ lives. All stories are nonpartisan and unbiased.

868彩票地址In addition we have interviews, video, graphics, and multimedia features.

First Edition, KHN Daily Briefing?and Afternoon Update

868彩票地址The KHN?Daily?Briefing?draws from major news organizations’ stories related to health policy. The reports aim to provide objective, balanced and thorough coverage of media reports. Each weekday staff members scour these sources and?excerpt?the most important elements. for our daily e-mails.

Privacy Policy

No information provided by subscribers or users will be provided to any other organization, agency, corporation, other entity or third party without the expressed written consent of those subscribers and users. Any information provided to www.meulo.com?will be used solely for the purpose of improving our work. For more comprehensive information see the .

The Role of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

868彩票地址Funding and strategic guidance for Kaiser Health News comes from the , ?a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, California, that is dedicated to filling the need for trusted information on national health issues.

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